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BioWorld社発行のThe Diabetes Report 2008: Developments and Opportunities in Drugs and Devicesによると、
「Diabetes is the fastest growing disease in the U.S., afflicting 7% of the population and using 34% of the Medicare budget. It affects at least 171 million people worldwide, and is expected to more than double within the next two decades」

The World Health Report 2000

World Health Organization (WHO:世界保健機関)発行のThe World Health Report 2000のSummaryの最後から抜粋した以下の文節は、内容は言うまでもなく良い英語表現のお手本でもあります。

The World Health Report 2000 aims to stimulate a vigorous debate about better ways of measuring health system performance and thus finding a successful new direction for health systems to follow. By shedding new light on what makes health systems behave in certain ways, WHO also hopes to help policy-makers understand the many complex issues involved, weigh their options, and make wise choices. [World Health Report 2000]