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Science for All Americans: Project 2061

The American Association for the Advancement of Science(アメリカ科学振興協会:Science誌の発行元でもあります)発行の「Science for All Americans」は、普遍的に科学教育の重要性を謳っているすばらしい文書です。その英語も格調高く素晴らしい。


Science, energetically pursued, can provide humanity with the knowledge of the biophysical environment and of social behavior needed to develop effective solutions to its global and local problems; without that knowledge, progress toward a safe world will be unnecessarily handicapped. … science fosters the kind of intelligent respect for nature that should inform decisions on the uses of technology … [Reference: Science for All Americans]


実は私が立ち上げたScience and Humanity Innovation Centerの名前は、この文書から受けた感動が原点になっています。